When Choice Hurts

Many women—most likely someone you know—have already made the choice to end their pregnancy and are now carrying the burden of guilt and regret stemming from that decision. Many more have experienced other types of loss—no less painful.

There Is Hope

Akron Pregnancy Services offers support groups that focus on recovery and reconciliation—based on the restorative nature of Christ’s love and forgiveness. Our support groups are biblically grounded and designed for those grieving through some kind of significant loss. Whether it’s working through the loss of someone or something precious, an abortion decision, past sexual experiences or an adoption, Akron Pregnancy Services offers a variety of support groups and Bible Studies with a proven track record of lives transformed and hearts healed.

*Facilitators are not professional licensed counselors. However, referrals are available upon request. Although there may be a slight cost for materials, all groups are free to attend.



Those grieving other types of loss-

Refuge was designed for those grieving a loss other than abortion, a loved one, divorce, miscarriage or some other difficult circumstance. Refuge offers hope and healing, our grief support is a unique, nine-week journey that helps participants work through the emotions and trauma from loss.  The group is led by caring, trained facilitators, who have gone through their own personal journey to healing.


For more information call (330) 434-2221

Email dbethel@akronpregnancyservices.org


For those who chose abortion and now regret that choice-

Portraits is a 10-week Bible study journey for women that helps them heal from the emotional trauma of past abortion experiences and find a place of forgiveness and peace.  The small group is led by caring, trained facilitators who have come through their own deep healing.



For more information on group dates
and times call (330) 434-2221
Email, dbethel@akronpregnancyservices.org



For those seeking healing from sexual past

The intimacy of sex was designed to be the glue that holds married couples together physically, emotionally and spiritually. Instead, many women find themselves held prisoner to past sexual relationships. Some of us have been victims of someone else’s choices. Some have made harmful choices on our own. Either way, sex can have a lasting effect upon the heart. UNBOUND Is a 12-week journey that provides tools to help women heal from the past. Reclaim their identity and unleash their God-given potential. This unique Bible study is offered in a small group format and led by caring, trained facilitators.


For more information on group dates and times call (330) 434-2221
Email dbethel@akronpregnancyservices.org